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We employ the expertise of our full-time mechanic who is responsible for the optimal performance of every piece of equipment used. We believe the greatest care of your community can only be achieved with the proper maintenance of every tool each craftsman utilizes. Trimmers are regularly sharpened to ensure the least amount of trauma is experienced by your plant life. Power tools are maintained to prevent breakdowns that result in unfinished work. Vehicles are serviced to ensure every member of our family reaches your neighborhood on time as scheduled.

In the desert, we all know the responsibility of conserving the most precious natural resource—our water. We all know excessive waste can be a massive drain on your budget. We also are fortunate to share the expertise of our full-time irrigation technicians. Our technicians continually remain on top of the latest practices and techniques. Their job is to maximize your system’s output using the most efficient watering processes in the industry.

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Allowing water to flow slowly and over a long period of time encourages roots to become firmly established. This increases your plant's heath and conserves water since all of it is absorbed by the soil rather than draining away as runoff.
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