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Southern Nevada’s soil lacks many of the the organic materials beneficial for healthy growth. In addition, our soil is very alkaline from the high levels of calcium it contains. This can lead to a severe lack of the necessary minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium which are all needed for plant growth, color and blooming.

At Landcraft, our specialized soil testing services are designed to determine what key elements are missing from your soil. Routine testing also aids in the diagnosis of current and potential future plant problems. The result is an accurate application of fertilizer which in addition to bringing beneficial nutrients to your plants, it conserves energy, protects the environment, saves time and especially money

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Irrigation technicians know how to get the maximum performance from your system. For example, areas in the shade require about 30 percent less water than sunny areas. In addition, sprinkler heads are adjusted so they don't spray walls, driveways or sidewalks. From there, watering times can be fine-tuned for each station to account for different watering requirements due to exposure, shade and sprinkler output.
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