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Knowing what processes need attention at specific times not only improves our efficiency, but also solidifies communication and planning. Knowing when specific processes are implemented ahead of time eliminates guesswork. Some examples include:

• Fertilization 4 times per year,
• Aeration 2 times per year,
• Flowers 3 times per year,
• Major tree work in winter months to avoid diseases,
• Palm tree trimming in late summer months after fruit pod has bloomed,
• Clocks set to SNWA guidelines,
• Spraying of olives & plum trees to prevent fruit,
• Overseeding in cooler months.

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Brown spots on your lawn may also be attributed to water system pressure issues. If the sprinkler system generated excessive water or mists, the system's pressure may be too high. In contract, short spray patterns and reduced coverage may be an indication that the pressure may be too low. Stressed areas in front of the sprinkler heads can be attributed to the heads being placed too far apart. These issues can be corrected by our irrigation specialist.
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