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There are many advantages Landcraft offers. As an S.N.W.A. Water Smart Contractor, we are small enough to offer personalized attention. As a State of Nevada C-10 contractor, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer you a full range of services including the ability to grade and prepare lots of land for architectural horticulture. We install nonload-bearing walkways and retaining walls, systems of drainage and irrigation, and certain types of landscape lighting. Many details are required by the State to ensure you receive the most professional product held to the highest standards of the State of Nevada. This also ensures the safety and welfare of every member of your community.
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Aeration is a process of punching holes in the turf. Many benefits are served by semi-annual aeration some of which include reduced water runoff and increasing water absorption into the soil. Aeration also increases fertilizer effectiveness by allowing essential nutrients to penetrate deeper in the soil aiding root growth of your grass. Over time, your lawn will be more heat-tolerant in our dry climate.
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