Our services are structured to protect you with 24-hour Emergency Protection

A Vista of Absolute Beauty

In our desert, we cant afford to waste our most precious resource—water. A broken water line or sprinkler head can waste thousands of gallons of water in a few short hours, so we adhere to the values of desert conservation to ensure your valuable resources are not wasted.

In addition, hazards can happen elsewhere. If a tree falls from high winds or uncontrollable events, it can damage property and be a hazard to your community. If left ignored, it can cause further damage putting lives at risk. Landcraft is more than a landscape company. We are a group of people who will always look out for your community.

When emergencies happen, you can count on Landcraft to be available 24-hours a day.

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Regular mowing not only improves the appearance of your lawn, it allows your lawn to develop a stronger and deeper root system which creates a stronger defense against weeds, diseases and drought. Our full-time service mechanic ensures all blades are sharp, when combined with frequent mowing produces finer clippings that will decompose quickly.
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